Earn $200 for every successful referral to our Pitch Agency.
Kodi Contract Address


Our goal is to make Kodi the next standard of excellence in the Crypto advertising space.

Particle element

Kodi has a buy back utility built allowing for sustained buying pressure and burns.

Earn 3% in BNB automatically and airdropped to your wallet. To qualify for BNB rewards, you will need to hold 5 million Kodi tokens.

Pitch is our marketing agency and all revenue from this agency goes directly into Kodi.

Our fantastic project works daily to foster trust and confidence from our dedicated community as we’re not another meme coin.

Our cofounders are a close knit team of experts in their fields and are highly approachable. This team, will be what will drive this project to new heights.

Holders of Kodi will benefit from pitch as 2/3 of the revenue generated will be airdropped to Kodi holders.

With multiple sources of revenue and a huge planned marketing drive, there is no better reason to hold Kodi.

Fast and simple

Buy Kodi the easy way.

Simple low fee
To use Flooz to buy BNB with your card, you only pay a 0.5% for card transactions. Normal Kodi taxes still apply.
Available globally
You now buy Kodi globally and it’s available in over 180+ countries.
No more slippage
You don’t have to input slippage or gas fees.
Earn even more BNB
Earn 0.1% BNB for life just by referring your friends. Visit

We are close to launching some of the most exciting and unique NFT’s available in this space.

Kodi has gone cross-chain, so you can now buy Kodi from any of the following blockchains.

Available Now

Marketing is what we do at Kodi, expect bigger and better things from us.

Simply head to Pancake DApps browser, and copy and paste the below contract address to swap BNB for Kodi.

Kodi Contract Address


The Bear Cave is an exciting podcast packed with interesting guests in the crypto space, listener questions, weekly topics and presented by the Kodi team.

Pitch is our marketing agency created to help your project or company get the voice it deserves.

With a tailored campaign designed around your key message, our team at Pitch will help to deliver a unique campaign.

Visit Pitch

Earn $200 with every successful referral to our agency Pitch.

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KODI is more than just a new project, it will provide immediate utility through the implementation of our marketing agency. Starting with our 24/7 Radio show, the Kodi team will be bringing you everything from crypto podcasts, music, and much more.

Our partnerships helps the vision behind Kodi become a reality.

We hope that this is just the start of something special.
Yahoo Money
Yahoo Finance
Yahoo News
Whale Hunter
Dessert Finance

We have many great ideas that we’re excited to bring to the holders of Kodi. Got any ideas of your own? We love community input – let us know on Telegram!


Phase 1

Kodi whitepaper
Website development
Social media
Radio and podcast platform
Huge marketing rollout
Dessert Finance Audit
Pancake Swap launch
Launch of Pitch agency
Pitch referral program

Phase 2

Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Logo on Web3 wallets
Kodi Merch
Kodi token new bridges, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom
Certik audit (applied)
Listing on FTX
NFT launch
Celebrity hosts and events, YouTube/social influencers

Phase 3

Expand development team
CEX listings, Hotbit, Whitebit, Bitmart
Kodicoin radio app development
Expanded advertisement of our Kodi Radio platform
Donation to charity/Kodi bear foundation
Continued R&D of Kodi use in sequence with the ever changing crypto market