Hiring Now! Sales Manager for CookieSale up to $150,000 OTE per year.
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Kodi has gone cross-chain, so you can now buy Kodi from any of the following blockchains.

You need to hold 5 million Kodi tokens to receive BNB rewards.

Kodi has a buy back utility built allowing for sustained buying pressure and burns.

Earn 3% in BNB automatically and airdropped to your wallet. To qualify for BNB rewards, you will need to hold 5 million Kodi tokens.

Pitch is our marketing agency and all revenue from this agency goes directly into Kodi.

Our fantastic project works daily to foster trust and confidence from our dedicated community as we’re not another meme coin.

Our cofounders are a close knit team of experts in their fields and are highly approachable. This team, will be what will drive this project to new heights.

With multiple sources of revenue and a huge planned marketing drive, there is no better reason to hold Kodi.

See what YouTube influencers have to say about Kodi.

Our NFT's are now available.

The Kodi NFT packs which also gives everyone a chance of winning some fantastic prizes is now available to buy.

Now Hiring: Sales Manager - $150,000 OTE Per Year

The launchpad you have been waiting for is arriving shortly. A percentage of revenue earned from CookieSale will go directly to Kodi holders.

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Pitch is our marketing agency created to help your project or company get the voice it deserves.

With a tailored campaign designed around your key message, our team at Pitch will help to deliver a unique campaign.

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Earn $200 with every successful referral to our agency Pitch.
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KODI is more than just a new project, it will provide immediate utility through the implementation of our marketing agency. Starting with our 24/7 Radio show, the Kodi team will be bringing you everything from crypto podcasts, music, and much more.

We have been featured in various publications.

We hope that this is just the start of something special.

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