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Bigger, brighter, better.

Kodi provides its users with the first ever crypto based Entertainment Network. Parallel to this, Kodi is operating a one stop shop Advertisement/Marketing Agency known as ‘PITCH’, which will function as a subsidiary company. Both entities will encompass a use case that will directly benefit $KODI holders. This whitepaper provides a detailed description of the use case, tokenomics, team, the future plans of PITCH and its utility token ($KODI).

Mission statement

Kodi’s mission is to create a one-stop-shop Advertisement Agency and provide investors with an interactive Entertainment Network that will keep them engaged, informed, and entertained while investing in the crypto space.

Clear vision

Our vision is to create an industry first Entertainment Network that will become THE place for crypto investors to learn, socialize and have fun, win prizes, and be introduced to legitimate cryptocurrency projects. Our Advertisement/Marketing Agency, PITCH, will work in unison with our Network as a vehicle to promote clientele.

Our platform will be a driver in promoting a safer economic environment for crypto investors to participate in.

Who we are

Our team consists of enthusiastic individuals with professional backgrounds in the fields of marketing, economics, graphic design, animation, voice acting, and international business affairs. Our unique array of skills, personalities and shared passion for cryptocurrency has enabled us to develop a token that fuses real utility with a classic reflections token.

Like many investors in the BSC space, each of us has our own story of an investment gone awry. Whether it be a rug-pull, honeypot, or coordinated dump, one variable remained consistent: these projects were operated by self-serving developers looking to make a quick buck. After taking the reins of one such project as community members, we realized our efforts and talents would be better utilized in starting a project of our own. A project that would be founded on total transparency with a complete dedication to its success and longevity.

Why Kodi?

Upon launching our previous token (Kodiak), we ran into technical difficulties with our contract. Put simply, the multi-sig wallet used for the marketing funds malfunctioned with the contract, creating a backup in the BNB rewards distribution. Although the issue was resolved within 24 hours, the momentum needed to sustain buying pressure was axed. Our team concluded the best option was to snap shot current holders and migrate our contract.

Maintaining the same utility and vision, we rebranded and KODI coin was born! A project where all crypto enthusiasts bear-long!

Entertainment network

The Entertainment Network has BETA launched with our 24/7 Bear Cave Radio. It is hosted through Telegram and streamed live via YouTube, Discord & Twitch. It consists of daily/weekly programs covering a variety of topics both crypto and non-crypto related. Down times will consist of either open discussions amongst team/community members or live music streams.

The program schedule** includes the following:

• Games & Prizes
• Conspiracy Theories
• Sports Hour
• Health and Wellness
• AMA’s
• Relationship Advice
• Crypto Education
• Potential Investments/Projects
• Off the cuff entertainment

** Programs subject to change.

Use case

The Entertainment Network provides a use case that directly benefits $KODI holders. While our platform will be open to all, our exclusive services will only be available to $KODI holders (ie. Participating in games & prizes will require you to be a holder of a set amount of $KODI tokens). Users will need to connect their wallet through our DApp** for access.

** DApp is a decentralized, block-chain-based application. It will be available to access through our website.

Our Advertising Agency is a subsidiary company of Kodi simply called: Pitch. It is a one-stop-shop that provides all the marketing needs for a crypto project. Gone are the days of having to search high and low for legitimate partners to provide you with the services you need. At Pitch, we have everything that will help legitimate projects get their product/service out to their target audience as direct and efficiently as possible.

Services provided will include, but not be limited to:

  • custom designed Audio and/or Visual commercials and ads;
  • audits and wallet analysis;
  • marketing connections (ie. influencers);
  • trending and fast track services (ie. Dextool, CMC, Reddit, etc.)

Projects advertised by PITCH will need to undertake a full vetting process through our experienced partners. If they don’t already have a certified audit, they will have the option of purchasing an audit through one of our bundles. This will ensure investors have complete confidence in anything Kodi promotes.

Our services will be offered for set prices via individual or bundled packages**. Every revenue dollar earned by PITCH will be used as such:

  • 33% added to the Kodi marketing wallet
  • 66% used to purchase $KODI which will then be airdropped to all holders***

** Prices and bundles are available on the PITCH website.

*** Must be holding at least 10 million tokens.


The token contract employs a static rewards system—11% of every transaction** is divided via:

$KODI will fuse classic reflection with an exciting new feature which complement its utility.

3% in bnb rewards
3% marketing and development tax will be sent in BNB to marketing wallet
2% buyback tax will be sent in BNB to buyback wallet
2% salary tax as incentive for developers
1% BNB is redistributed to liquidity pool

* Additional 1% on every sell will be added towards the liquidity pool for a total of 12%.

** Minimum amount of tokens needed to receive bnb rewards is 5 million Kodi tokens.

Kodi launch

Token launched on September 27th, 2021 via Fair Launch.

Private Sale

A Private Sale was held for family, friends, and community members who showed an early dedication to the project. A total of 150 BNB was collected at a price equal to launch price. All participants had their tokens airdropped upon launch. These funds were used for the initial pre-launch marketing campaign.

Kodi Roar

Kodi Roar is a special feature wherein one hour will have the buy tax reduced to 1% and sell tax increased to 25%. Kodi Roar will be implemented periodically at random times*. After the hour is completed, the sell tax will decrease 7% every hour until it reaches the baseline sell tax of 12%.

Kodi Roar Tokenomics

Buy Tax 3%
1% tax will be distributed to the Liquidity Pool
1% tax to Marketing
1% tax to Salary
Sell tax 25%
8% BNB rewards pool
5% marketing and development wallet
5% buyback wallet
5% liquidity pool
2% salary wallet
1st Hour After Kodi Roar
5% BNB rewards pool
4% marketing and development wallet
4% buyback wallet
4% liquidity pool
1% salary wallet
2nd Hour After Kodi Roar
Sell Tax 12% (baseline)
3rd Hour After Kodi Roar
Returned to normal 12% sell tax
** KODI Roar will be enacted randomly at the team’s discretion so as to avoid manipulation.

Direct fiat to Kodi purchasing

Through our partnership at Flooz.Trade investors are able to purchase $KODI directly from their credit card**. This helps break down the barriers to entry that many new crypto investors face when entering the space.

** One can access this feature via the ‘BUY NOW’ button on the front page of our website.

Kodi Security

Locked Liquidity: Initial liquidity of ($KODI) token has been locked for a minimum of 1 year.

Contract Audit Prior to Launch: The team has purchased a top-tier audit with BREWLABS. Five of our core members will be fully doxxing to this company to ensure the security of the project. This will deter dishonest practices by the team; otherwise, the doxxed information will be released to the public.

Certik Audit: A CertiK Audit has been completed and the report has been published on their website. The contract was deemed completely secure with no critical errors. This is the gold standard of contract audits and should provide our investors with the utmost confidence.

The audit is available for viewing here:

The token contract is verified and available for viewing on BSCscan.

Cross-Chain application

After listing on FibSwap, investors are now able to swap $KODI tokens across multiple blockchains via their decentralized exchange.

You can swap $KODI directly with:


Access the FibSwap DEX below.


Other features

Anti-Dump Protection: Any transaction selling more than 0.2% of total supply will be denied. This prevents massive one-time sales that could negatively impact the token price.

Extra 1% Sell fee: We’ve added an extra 1% sell fee on top of the initial 11% transaction fee (1% added to Liquidity Pool)

Total sell fee = 12% (3% token reflections + 3% marketing and development + 2% buyback + 2% liquidity pool + 2% salary)


The KODI coin encapsulates classic reflections with the utility of the first ever crypto based Entertainment Network and its marketing agency, PITCH. Holders will be able to earn passive income in the form of more $KODI coins, combined with the long-term value our utility brings. The Entertainment Network will not only provide a means of constant community engagement, but a path for continued growth of the project. On top of this, revenue made through PITCH directly helps to grow your investment. Every move Team KODI makes, the community will be involved. Transparency is going to be our mode of operation and we look forward to not only building a household name, but one of the strongest communities in the cryptocurrency space.